Protect your business from IR35 is an easy-to-use, market-leading tool provided by Crunch that helps you quickly and accurately establish whether your assignments are inside or outside IR35, your potential financial exposure. It also offers guidance on what factors have led to this assessment and if possible, advice on how to change the result.

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Protect your business from IR35 reform

Avoid making blanket declarations

Changes coming to off-payroll working (IR35) rules in April 2020, mean that all but the smallest employers will be responsible for determining whether a contract with a Personal Service Company is inside or outside IR35. If HMRC challenge your decision and you lose, you'll be liable for the missing National Insurance Contributions and Income Taxes.

However, it’s important you make accurate assessments. Blanket declarations won't work, they could be challenged by contractors, and you may not want to take on employees rather than contractors. So you’ll need help to make the right decisions, even HMRC have admitted that their CEST tool is not fit for purpose. That’s where our Crunch IR35 calculator comes in.

Our tool helps you make focused, bespoke assessments for every contract, ensuring that each contract is categorised as inside or outside of IR35 with absolute clarity.

Check hundreds of contracts

As an employer, you may be dealing with hundreds of contracts across an average calendar year. With our Crunch IR35 tool, you’ll be able to check every single one of them, ensuring that every contract is correctly determined as inside or outside IR35. Giving you the maximum flexibility in your work force and ensuring the correct taxes are paid.

With each status assessment you can download a detailed breakdown of the factors that led to that assessment, as well as recommendations on actions you could take to reduce the risk of being inside IR35. This is invaluable in getting the status right as well as in producing a Status Declaration Statement for your contractors and any recruitment agencies involved in the labour-supply chain.

Get the right results (without expensive IR35 audits)

Accurate assessments are critical, but using £100/hour IR35 accountants across all your contractors for every different engagement just isn’t viable. Our virtual IR35 expert is available 24 hours a day and provides results in minutes.

Prove your own due diligence

The new legislation allows your clients to challenge your assessments. It also means that your business could face financial liabilities if your assessments are not accurate. If you've not done your own due diligence when classifying your assignments, you could be left exposed.

Protect yourself by carrying out your own IR35 assessments and producing detailed Status Declaration Statements.

IR35 is changing in April 2020 - are you ready?

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